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What are Social Media Editorial Calendars?

Social Media Editorial Calendars create a system to help you schedule content to post each day.  People develop habits very easily. You will find that when you post certain topics each day they will actually look forward to your content. Creating a daily posting strategy will get you in the habit of writing blog posts that are in line with topics for the following week.

Need Social Media Editorial Calendar Content Ideas?

Search for videos on YouTube that relate to your business. Embed these videos into your blog and write a short summary of your thoughts about the video. Look for motivational quotes, industry related tips or facts. Search for funny cartoons that relate to your business.

Additionally, readers come to expect their “Monday Funny” or tip of the day. Consistency helps increase reader loyalty and interest.

As your content strategy evolves, a social media editorial calendar can help organize your content ideas:

Why Bother?

Social Media Editorial Calendars help you think strategically about your overall marketing message and makes sure you give yourself enough time to promote events.

Consistent posting, thanks to a Social Media Editorial Calendar, lead to more engaged readers and increased traffic, resulting in new clients and repeat business.


You don’t need a specific software package to create a Social Media Editorial Calendar. Our favorite tool is Excel and this can be uploaded into Google Docs and shared with other collaborators. However, social media dashboards like SendSocialMedia.comcan help you save time by scheduling your posts in advance.

Get Started With Brainstorming

The process of creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar starts with brainstorming topics and ideas. Group brainstorming can lead to many creative ideas that one person alone may not have considered. Instead of a top-down approach, group brainstorming builds a team and gets buy-in from others.

Divide and Conquer

Narrow down the ideas to ones that truly fit your content marketing concept. Assign a date and person responsible for delivering each topic. Follow up with contributors to receive and post your content.


Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar is an easy way to create an engaging marketing strategy. The point is to draw readers in with content that will turn your blog and/or social media presence into a valuable content resource.


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