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In just the last few years, the process of recruiting new talent has dramatically shifted. A big reason for this shift is because the landscape has gotten much more competitive. With so much competition for talented new employees, businesses need to take advantage of every possible avenue to gain an edge.

One area where more businesses are turning is social media for recruiting. If you want to have access to as many talented potential employees as possible by staying on the cutting-edge, you need to integrate social media into your recruiting efforts.

Which Social Media Sites Are Right for Recruiting?

Although it wasn’t that long ago when social media was still viewed as a type of fad, any doubts about social media’s staying power have been eliminated. Since the social media space is not just here to stay but also remains a rapidly growing area, it seems like new sites are popping up all the time.

While many of the newer sites have value for business engaged in social media marketing, recruiting efforts can be focused on a smaller number of sites. Currently, the three social media sites most commonly used for recruiting are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Out of those three, Twitter is generally viewed as the one that’s least helpful for direct recruiting. So if your focus is on immediate recruiting results, Facebook and LinkedIn are the places to be.

With any social media site, there are certain nuances that make it unique from others. In the case of Facebook and LinkedIn, the former has a more personal feel, while the latter revolves around businesses and careers. To help get started with recruiting on both sites, here are several key tips to keep in mind:

Tips for Recruiting on Facebook

The best way to get started is by creating a Facebook page for your business. Once you have this in place, it’s worth experimenting with the Facebook Ads platform. Since this platform allows very targeted advertising for appealing rates, it can be the perfect way to zero in on the type of candidates that you want to reach. And since part of recruiting is showing people why your company is a great place to work, be sure to regularly update and engage through your Facebook page.

What to Know About LinkedIn Recruiting

A full 93% of recruiters are actively using LinkedIn. Although this site is a very popular tool, it’s still possible to get great results from it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that qualified candidates receive plenty of offers. As a result, you need to think of compelling ways to make your pitches stand out. Whether that’s through engagement or other efforts, putting a little extra effort into LinkedIn will pay off in a big way.

If you’re interested in creating a detailed social media strategy for recruiting, you can easily contact me to discuss consulting opportunities.

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