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Social Media Marketing Trends to Continue Watching in 2016 by Michelle Hummel

Social Media Marketing Trends

Now that we’ve settled into 2015, it’s becoming clear which social media trends are going to shape the rest of the year and beyond. While it’s true that some social media trends are really nothing more than hype, other trends actually have a significant impact.

Since social media has become a key component of how people interact online, understanding the trends that are currently most relevant can help you ensure that you’re fully utilizing social media within your business.

So with that social media strategy goal in mind, let’s take a look at the trends that are worth paying attention to now and as the year continues to progress.

The Presence of Ello

If you haven’t heard about Ello yet, chances are you will in the coming months. While this site is currently only accessible by invitation, it has already taken a strong stance against Facebook. Although only time will tell how far this site goes, the significant positive support it has already received is a clear sign that much of the population isn’t totally happy with the current state of Facebook.

Facebook’s Continued Dominance

Even though there are plenty of people who aren’t happy with the way that Facebook operates, this network continues to be the largest in the entire world. As a result, it sets the tone for most of what happens throughout the social networking space. Not only is Facebook influential, but it remains a very powerful network for marketers. So if your business still isn’t using Facebook to the fullest, now is the time to make a change.

Twitter and Meerkat

While Twitter is still working to fully define itself, services like Meerkat are springing up from it. As a live streaming app that’s gaining a ton of traction in a very short amount of time, Meerkat is very interesting in two ways. Those ways are how Twitter quickly kicked the service off its platform, as well as how Meerkat’s emphasis on video will shape the future of social media content.

The Decline of Google+

Although it’s still worthwhile to have Google+ in your social media management rotation, the company has continued showing signs that it won’t continue following this initiative. Despite it seeming like the platform was what Google was going to use to unite all of their services, most of the population simply failed to warm up to this concept and its execution.

Social Media Guidance is Always Available

If you ever feel like social media is getting to the point where it feels overwhelming, that doesn’t mean you need to abandon these channels. Since plenty of other individuals and businesses feel that way, the best solution is social media training. By making periodic training about what’s new and notable in social media a priority, you can be sure that your business always has an edge in terms of any new social media marketing channels that spring up.


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